2006 FWD Chrysler Town & Country Braun Entervan Conversion Van

Price: $16,000
Mileage: 43,206
ID: 4961

Location: New York
Make: Chrysler
Model: Town & Country
Year: 2006
Drive Type: FWD
Interior: Grey
Features: Chrysler Town & Country, Touring model. Full power ramp on passenger side, vehicle kneels, power doors and windows, power heated leather seats that are removable, 6 CD changer, dual AC. Exterior shows normal wear and tear, no accidents, no dents, has dings and scratches. The interior is great shape except for some stains on carpeting. Vehicle has been in the south all these years so no winter driving, no snow or road salt - no rust. Checked by a mechanic - runs great.
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