Heavy Duty Utility Body Truck CK 1284

Price: $30,494.00
ID: 2459

Location: NY
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Silverado
Style: 2500
Exterior: White
Features: A Heavy Duty Utility Body Truck priced right. The Cab has an easy to clean vinyl interior. The Truck has an Automatic Locking Differential for Traction, Upgraded Camper Mirrors, Cruise Control, and a Full Size Spare. The Body has a 6 - Year Warranty on the White Powder Coating finish, Stainless Steel Hardware, Nitrogen Strut Door Holders, Aluminum Anti-Scratch Fuel Fill, and Modern LED Lights.

Stock #: CK 1284
GVWR: 9,300 lbs.
Model: CC20903
Engine: 6.0 V8 Gas
Cab: 2500 Silverado Reg.
Body: Reading Line Service Body
Option Codes: DF2, G80, JL1, K34, ZHQ, ZW9

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