Heavy Duty Plow Truck CK 978

Price: $28,994.00
ID: 2456

Location: NY
Make: Chevrolet
Style: 3500
Drive Type: 4WD
Exterior: White
Features: Truly a Heavy Duty Plow Truck. This is 3500 series can easily handle your workload. Options include 18” All-Terrain Tires, Snow Plow Package, Upgraded Camper Mirrors, Rear Defogger, Auxiliary Battery, 160 Amp Alternator, Off Road Skid Plates, Dual Note Horn, Integrated Electronic Brake Controller.

Stock #: CK 978
GVWR: 10,700 lbs.
Model: CK30903
Engine: 6.0 V8 Gas
Cab: 3500 Silverado Reg. SRW 4WD
Body: 8' Pick Up
Option Codes: C49, DF2, QGM, TP2, VYU, Z82, 7Z1, 8X1

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