2010 Chevrolet 3500 Series Work Truck CJ 844

Price: $29,495.00
ID: 2409

Location: NY
Make: Chevrolet
Year: 2010
Style: 3500
Exterior: White
Features: This Truck is a little workhorse. 3500 Series with over 3 tons of Payload! Interior has comfortable cloth seats and an AM/FM radio. The exterior sports the new Wide Sail Panel Mirrors and a Chrome Appearance Package. The Box is a Heavy Duty 10’ with a Lowered Floor Height for ease of loading. It also has a Cabin Walk-Though door, Rear Treadplate Step Bumper, and Rear Cargo Light.

Stock #: CJ 844
GVWR: 12,300 lbs.
Model: CG33503 DRW
Engine: 6.0 V8 Gas
Cab: Express Cutaway
Body: 10' HD Utilimaster Box
Option Codes: AJ3, AS5, CN7, L96, DHC, UM7, ZR7

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